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Shiro Fujiwara (Son)
Shiro's Father (Husband)

Shiro's Mother is the mother of Shiro Fujiwara and the wife of Shiro's Father. She is an Inujininn Heavy Seed. (Note: Her name was not mentioned in the series so she was given the term: Shiro's Mother.) She is a minor character and appeared only once in the series so far, in OVA 2 and in Voulme 2, Chapter 0.



Shiro called

At some point of time, Shiro's mother got married with Shirou's Father and gave birth to a child named Shiro Fujiwara. The three of them lived a peaceful and normal life until she became very sick. One day, she and her husband called Shiro to them and told him, Sorry, Shiro-chan. It's really sad, but we can't live together. Come on, look at Daddy's and Mommy's eyes. Okay? From today onwards, you're a monkey. See no evil, hear no evil, andn don't speak the secret to anyone. Forget your real shape. After that, she casted a spell on Shiro that hides his Soul 's Appearance and shape. She told him that the spell can only be lifted when he is connected with the one that he truly loves. Finally, Shiro was sent away to live with Mr Fujiwara and Mrs Fujiwara and become their adopted son.


Shiro's Mother is a beautiful woman with very straight long black hair of unknown length and fairly small and narrow black eyes. Her hair might have a purplish hint in the anime. She wears a light teal coloured kimono with lace patterns running down from the shoulders and also wears a light pink haori draped around her shoulders.


Shiro's Mother is shown as a very kind and caring woman who loves her husband and son a lot. She wanted to protect her son by casting a spell on him. She is also very soft spoken and is always seen smilling. She is very cheerful and positive as she never show any sad emotions when she told Shiro that he has to seperate from her.