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Shiro Fujiwara (Son)
Shiro's Mother (Wife)

Shiro's Father is the father of Shiro Fujiwara and the husband of Shiro's Mother. He is an Inujininn Heavy Seed, together with the rest of his family. (Note: His name was not mentioned in the series so he was given the term: Shiro's Father.) He is a minor character and appeared only once in the series so far, in OVA 2 and in Voulme 2, Chapter 0, all in Shiro's flashbacks. Also, not much was known about him as he does not do any talking at all in the series, just appearances.



Shiro called

Little is known about his history. At some point of time, Shiro's father got married with Shiro's Mother and had a child named Shiro Fujiwara. The three of them lived a peaceful and normal life until Shirou's mother became very sick. One day, he and his wife called Shiro into their room. While his wife talked to Shiro, he did not do any talking. He is seen smilling at Shiro as his wife talked.


Shiro's Father has short black hair and seemingly narrow eyes. The colour of his eyes is unknown as he is never seen opening his eyes and his eyes always appear as narrow slits. The reason could be because he is only always seen smiling so far in his only appearance in the series. However, Shiro takes from most of his appearance, his short black hair and also normal looks that don't appeal too much. Both of them really look alike. Shiro's father is seen wearing a light blond turtleneck shirt in his only appearance in the series.


Shiro's Father is seen as a very quiet person that rarely talks as shown by him never talking in the series so far. He is also seemingly a cheerful person as he is always seen smiling. He seems like a caring person who dotes on his wife and son a lot.